News icon D’Amico Joins the Truc Huynh Alumni Giving Society

When it comes to joining the Truc Huynh Alumni Giving Society—i.e., paying forward the full amount of the Scholarship received—Mitchell Scholars don’t have to go it alone. Corporate matching gifts and corporate grants made to charitable nonprofit organizations can help put Mitchell Scholars over the top with contributions that match or exceed the amount of their scholarship.

That’s how it was for John-Luke D’Amico, the 2018 Mitchell Scholar from Messalonskee High School, who has worked for a leading global investment banking and wealth management firm since graduating from Bentley University with a degree in Finance.

Through a company newsletter, D’Amico became aware of a program allowing employees to nominate nonprofit organizations to receive grants.

“When we were invited to make suggestions, I immediately thought of and recommended the Mitchell Institute,” D’Amico said. “It’s definitely the best charitable organization I know.”

Thanks to the application, which was voted on by his colleagues, a $10,000 charitable contribution to the Mitchell Institute was made in December 2023.

For D’Amico, the decision to recommend the Mitchell Institute came easily.

“Receiving $10,000 for college meant a lot to me,” he said. “Beyond that, I’ve always appreciated how the Mitchell Institute helped connect me with Mitchell Scholar Alumni and opportunities … the things that really helped me launch my career.”

D’Amico also credits a fellowship from the Mitchell Institute with positioning him for success in a highly competitive field. The summer after his sophomore year, he secured a finance-related internship in New York. While the internship provided some compensation, it wasn’t enough to cover his rent and living expenses at a time when he would otherwise be living at home and tucking away summer earnings for the next year of college.

“The fellowship award helped bridge the gap and made that internship experience away from home possible,” said D’Amico, who now works as an analyst in his firm’s executive wealth division. “And that really accelerated my early career development. Everything builds.”

Jared Cash, President and CEO of the Mitchell Institute, said Truc Huynh would have been especially pleased by D’Amico’s efforts to leverage a grant in support of the Mitchell Institute.

“Truc always served as a bridge between the companies he worked for and the Mitchell Institute and found ways to connect them to us,” Cash said. “John-Luke’s work to facilitate the $10,000 grant reflects that same spirit of advocacy. On behalf of the Mitchell Scholar community, I am deeply grateful to him for nominating the Mitchell Institute.”

While the grant equals the amount of his Mitchell Scholarship, D’Amico says he plans to continue making financial contributions to the Mitchell Institute.

“I have always wanted to repay the investment made in me to help future Mitchell Scholars,” he said. “I love the mission of the Mitchell Institute. They helped me throughout college, and I’m very grateful for that.”

Membership in the Truc Huynh Alumni Giving Society can happen through a multi-year pledge, steady giving over many years, or a single gift to the Mitchell Institute. New and founding members of the Truc Huynh Alumni Giving Society are invited to attend an annual reception to celebrate their philanthropic commitment to supporting the Mitchell Institute. If you are interested in learning more about the Truc Huynh Alumni Giving Society, please contact Mitchell Institute President and CEO Jared Cash. See all members of the Truc Huynh Alumni Giving Society.